Extending EV Drive Ranges, "To Do or Die" The viability battle ensues!!!!!

The verdict is in, the short term solution to long range EV's is not in advancing battery technologies. What most don't realize is the advent of EV's in broad markets can be a double edge sword ready to cut EV production at it's inception. The problem? limited battery run times are not expected to allow the EV to compete with combustion engine drive ranges any time soon. The solution? Industry must look beyond evolving the battery; a slow and unpredictable route for EV's. If we are to see a fair competitive market place evolve between the EV and it's combustion engine counterpart, then we must get creative!

Here is an idea, charging on the fly!!!! Why had we not thought of this before truly begs the question, let's face it, regenerative braking has been proving it's worth for over a century now, so why not generative charging.... : The solution is closer than we may think.

Recently patented, a young R&D company, by the name of K-Energy Holdings Corp, has come up with a solution, a first ever off-the-grid level 3 charger system to provide upwards of 85kW at highway speeds (exceeds the average EV demand at highway speeds) : Energy in Motion! The answer we have all been waiting for. Presently seeking to develop their technology, their team is looking for  eco-venture capitalists; if you know of any you may do them a favor by plugging these people. See more at projectkg.com. Please post any ideas that might help them, we need to get this tech out!


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