I guess I'll use this blog to describe my time as a student in Iowa with my Smart Car, and the journey to figure out just how effective my car is in different conditions. I guess I should first tell people who I am and how I got Alice.


I'm currently a senior in high school in Iowa on the precipice of finding out what I'll be doing for the next 5 years of my life. I have one of approximately 5 smart cars in my entire county, which is cause of more than enough attention, good or ill. Our local M-B dealer got two shipped in from California earlier this year, and after taking it out for test drive ( I didn't even have to beg!), my parents agreed to lay down the cash to get my baby. Technically, you could say it is my mom's car, but I am the primary driver and soon to be owner. 

Being a Smart in Iowa, I get my fair share of questions, the weekly "this is what my car is and I love it" spiel, and of course glares and jibes about how I'm going to get blown away and die in a terrible self induced crash.

I have yet to go through a winter in my car, and since the last time we had a blizzard we got 7 ft tall drifts, it'll definitely be an interesting time going through this. I hope you can all put up with me and figuring this out, because I know it'll be one hell of a journey.

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Comment by james g on September 5, 2011 at 12:19pm
i'm the first smart owner in IL, been through 4 winters, the stock tires are ok for winter, some people i know buy snow tires. i did 3 winters with stock conti's they were ok, i got performance tires 12,000 miles ago, kumho ekstas, great in the rain, suck in the snow, might switch back to stock this winter. the ESP will keep you from wheel spin, you might have to turn it off sometimes, learn how to do that, you'll need it in the future, the car is too smart sometimes, welcome to the smart family  :)
Comment by jwight on September 5, 2011 at 10:35am

Some info for you:




I think you'll find a set of winter tires (as opposed the the usual M&S rated tires) will be a good thing.

Comment by spicejax on September 5, 2011 at 1:04am
Welcome to sUSAi, Justine, I'm glad you're here.

Nice 'smart' blog. Check in often and tell us more of your experiences as time goes by.

Until next time,
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