Houston Smart Car Club's August Event - AMF/Mamacita's Resturant

Well, I may be entering middle age faster than previously thought, I forgot to post a blog about the August Meet & Greet for our club. Thanks for the reminder Gus. OK so we thought we would try some form of activity included with our beer and food to prevent us from becoming the most obese club at Smart USA Insider, so I chose bowling. It is relatively physical, inside from the heat (very important in Texas), and they serve beer!

We started by meeting up at the Captain Benny's resturant and caravaning up Kuykendahl to 1960 and then down the feeder of 45 to the alley.

We had 5 Smarties join in and got quite a few double takes on the way.

Before you start any sort of activity after a prolonged period of no exercise, one should always stretch out the muscles before beginning.

Diana was giving out tips on how to bowl. For the record, I was still stretching. No matter what it appears like in this photo, I WAS STRETCHING!

In typical male fashion Gus and I did a little trash talking and built this up to He-Man Bowling competition. However, when we began bowling, it was clear neither of us was in perfect form.

Notice both of us couldn't even hit the head pin. We really tried harder to beat each other's score; I changed my positions and increased the amount of lift on the ball, Gus moved his mark and threw the ball harder.

I ended up taking the the first game from him but that only made him try harder. Well, by the beginning of the second game, I was out of steam and my ball refused to hook anymore. Gus was doing better and I was doing worst. So the winner with the highest score of 159 was Diana! It's always the quiet ones you have to watch out for!

Sorry, but we forgot to get a picture of the scores.

We decided to cool off before heading over to the resturant.

Naturally there was plenty of parking at Mamacita's.

Later on at the resturant, we were surprised with an impromptu anniversary celebration!

Mmmmmmm...tres leches cake! It was delicious...I think I'll have another!

Congratulations on year three! May the best days of your past be the worst days of your future!

So hope to see you all at on of our events in the future!

Drive Smart people!

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Comment by Tommy Wong on September 19, 2010 at 11:28pm
Well, I guess I could put it on the club page. It seemed more appropriate here since it was an after the event kind of thing. I'll put a link to it.
Comment by Velazquez, Hilda & Gustavo on September 18, 2010 at 4:58pm
Nice blog, Tommy. I had a great time. Gus and I hope to see more Smart members at our next event.

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