how to get someone to return your calls

well if you can't get anyone to return you call from your dealer, just put a note about it on this web page. benzel bush league from englewood nj i could not get the gm mike hill to return any of my calls. till i mentioned it on this blog. now all of a sudden he want to take care of all my problems. well frankly i don't trust them at all. read my blog on july 1st and the other ones i put on here.. and read the comments. if your looking to spend money on a smart car. and i do love the car, think of smart car of clark nj or smart car of nyc. i left four messages for mike hill of smart car of englewood, "benzel bush league" and he never returned any of my calls till i put a blog on this web page. because they never bothered to mention i should have and alignment it cost me 225.00 for new front tires. because when i trashed my rims in jan. and they replaced them no one bothered to tell me to get them aligned. so six months later i had to buy new front tires for a lack of an alignment. buyer beware. i'm sure some people had good experience with benzel bush league but i have not.

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Comment by tommyk on July 16, 2010 at 10:02pm
no if it's toe in or toe out you don't feel it at all they are the "profesionals" they are the one's who are supposed to know this

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