How to insert a Graphic Badge on comments, threads and blog in sUSAi

Thanks to Carlito for the inspiration.

If you want to learn how to get the 'code' I talk about below go here first, then come back here it will make more sense. lol

Over at the smarts on Fuelly group I prompted folks to paste their Fuelly Signature aka Badge, into the comments so everyone could see real time MPG stats and click to go to a members Fuelly page. Well, you know 'Murphy's Law'... Some folks were able to paste the Badges and some not. Here's why:

Ning has 'improved/changed' the comment text box. So now to add HTML things like the Badges you have to click that 'HTML' button on that 'bar' above, then paste your Fuelly code. Also notice that there are TWO types of code: One for forums like SCoA it's called BBcode. It looks like this: (don't paste the following [URL=, it won't work in sUSAI, see the next clip)

sUSAi can't read BBcode so it wont work, but BBcode works on SCoA and other forums. There are a lot of bulletin board style forums out there, but sUSAi is a web 2.0 site a (social site geared toward media vs text).


(note that these screen clips are from the Fuelly Signature/Badge page)


They look similar, but the info in the brackets are different (BBcode has stuff like [URL=] and HTML has <a HREF= ). have to paste the HTML code in after you click the HTML button.
I hope this helps folks get Badges on the pages (so other people can see your stats in 'real time'). Try it out.

Sorry, this is so longwinded. I hope It helps (and makes some sense, lol). Any questions, critique, or more info on this add your thoughts below. And use the HTML button to add your Badge, lol.
ps. This will work for Badges from any web site. ( for text forums like SCoA use BBcode, for graphic sites like sUSAi use HTMLcode)

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