My neighborhood in Knoxville (TN) got hit with a bit of snow, but worse was the sheet of ice under it. On the main road in the subdivision this morning, which is curvy and hilly, I saw two cars that had run off the road, and a half a dozen cars (vans, BMWs, a Jaguar) were abandoned. This was my first winter drive in the smart cabriolet. I put it in manual, went slowly, and made it out of the subdivision--one of the few to do so, I think.

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Comment by Dawn on January 19, 2010 at 3:06pm
i've had my smart for just over 8 weeks now, and have had the chance to drive thru a bit of snow here, and i LLLLLLOOOOOVVVVEEE the smart! I have more confidence driving this car in inclement weather than i did my old 4x4 isuzu trooper. its the first manual i have driven in years, and was thrilled to have it in the snow and ice!!!
Comment by spicejax on January 13, 2010 at 9:17pm
That would have been a great thing to see on video. Title 'smart car creeps by the fools' . lol

Comment by Ryan on January 11, 2010 at 9:35pm
Yea.... the smart does quite well... but i think also a lot of people don't know how to drive, or start out driving in the snow or on ice. It's not something that can be done like driving on a dry road. If you intentionally try to speed up at a high rate... your tires lose traction... you go nowhere. If you hit the brakes... you lose traction... and no amount of gas will get it back into a moving situation. The best thing to do is just try to keep it moving at a steady pace. That's why it irritates me when i see people hitting the brakes as they're going down a steep hill in the snow. WORST thing you can do. Either brake before you start going down the hill.... or just don't touch the gas pedal. Not only are you risking loss of traction and possibly spinning on a patch of ice by doing so... but you're also making it potentially dangerous for you and others should someone else be coming down the hill a bit faster than you are. Last snowfall we had... was turning from route 145 onto route 248 in eastern PA, with someone in a luxury sedan in front of me... making a left turn across two lanes of traffic to get into the northbound/westbound lane, where at that point it's on a downhill grade. This person was going like 5-10mph across the intersection... and did the same speed on the way down the hill. I was worried being behind him.... because 248 sees quite a lot of semi traffic... and last thing i'd want to be is the one in front of a semi that's coming down a snow-covered hill because the idiot in front of me didn't know how to drive on a miniscule amount of snow.

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