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We've reached the end of our dealer ordering guide blog series. Hopefully, you now have a better picture of the US version of the C453. If you still have a few lingering questions, you can save them for our next Live Chat. Eric Angeloro, smart's marketing head, will be online again, ready to discuss all things C453, on Thursday, June 4th at 5 PM EDT. Please reply below with any questions you plan on posting.

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Comment by jwight on June 12, 2015 at 6:03pm

Thanks for posting the recap!

Comment by sUSAi Admin on June 12, 2015 at 3:01pm

Thanks to everyone who attended our Live Chat this past week. We were impressed by the insightful questions we had the chance to field. Here is a recap of what was discussed for anyone who was not able to tune in:

1. When will the C453’s MSRP be available?
We will most likely be announcing it at the Press Drive, which is being planned for end of August in Portland.

2. At least one dealer has said they can order dealer configured cars - when will customer configured orders begin?
Customer configured cars should be available after the September launch. Dealer orders have officially began since U.S. production of the vehicle begins in two weeks (June 2015 production schedule.)

3. What is the C453 curb weight for each transmission version? Also, what is the EPA numbers for each?
We’re still waiting on 0-60 and Fuel Economy figures. Curb weight is 1,984 lbs. for both manual and DCT.

4. When will the dealer's receive their first batch of 453's
Dealer will begin to receive their cars in late August/early September as the retail release is mid-September.

5. There are two new levels beside the pure-passion-cabriolet. Do you know what those entail?
They are "prime" and "proxy." In order it goes: pure (base model), then passion, then prime and finally proxy.

6. Which model will have a blue/white color scheme?
Blue/white interior is exclusive to the proxy coupe.

7. Are there delays on red and yellow vehicles?
We just confirmed that red and yellow panels will become available as of September production.

8. Will there be some solid color offerings as an RPO?
Black, white and red will be solid or non-metallic.

9. Are there plans for commercials or TV spots?
Yes, they are in development now. We are planning for two TV spots. They will begin airing the last two weeks of September as well as posted to our YouTube channel.

10. Will every MB dealership be able to order the new car?
You must be an authorized smart center/dealer to order.

11. Anything new and different with the 453 we haven't seen in the DOG so far?
The service panel can now be locked. Speaking of the service panel, another reason that the car has more of a nose or 2-box design is due to pedestrian crash regulation. The taller hood provides more of a "cushion" in the event of a pedestrian impact. The vents in the car are embossed with the smart logo when closed. We also no longer powder coat the tridion, but employ a new wet painting procedure which is even more eco-friendly. Finally, the P88 Edition #1 package is appearance package. While it's being shown as a launch edition of sorts, it's truly a package that any customer can get.

12. Is there a rocker switch near the Twinamic shifter?
The rocker switch on the DCT on the center console is the eco-start/stop switch. We won't get that here in the states.

13. Are there any other benefits to the new shape of the car?
Battery will now be located in the front of the car under the service panel, which makes for more convenient access.

14. Do any other new MB products carry over?
Safety will carry over, but not much else. Once we have US spec cars in the US to play with, we can say for sure.

15. What MPGs are Euro cars getting?
We’re still waiting on 0-60 and Fuel Economy figures.

16. When will the convertible be out?
The cabrio will be out by early Spring of 2016 (as part of the 2017 model line up.) 

17. How many C453s are out on the road right now in Europe?
We should official sales figures shortly. From what we know, the car has been selling very well and is a hit with current owners.

18. Will there be a significant price increase?
There will be a great price/value story with the new car. We get a lot more content for our money including improved safety and cool tech like standard bluetooth audio streaming. More to come this summer.

19. Will leather seats be an option in different models?

20. Will sport wheels be an cross the board option?

21. Will the tact-clock be an option in the Passion line?
The tachometer will be standard on cars with manual transmissions.

22. Can we have personalized paint choice options when ordering?
Not at launch, but it's being looked into.

Comment by Wallace Rumbarger on June 4, 2015 at 5:09pm

OK, so where do I find this live web chat?

And how do I join the conversation?


Comment by lawrence brady on June 4, 2015 at 4:52pm

Will leather seats be an option in different models.

Will sport wheels be a cross the board option.

Will the tact-clock be an option in the Passion line.

Comment by RISSA YVONNE on June 4, 2015 at 3:29pm

Can we have personalized paint choice options when ordering?

Comment by jwight on May 29, 2015 at 4:18pm

Great idea - thanks.  When will we see the finalized curb weight for the US 453 coupe as well as EPA estimates for each transmission option?

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