Just changed my front rims/tires to match the rear, what a difference in the ride!

We installed the same rim/tire on the front as are currently on the rear and what a difference in the ride! Better control on the highway against those annoying cross winds, no more bone jarring experiences! The car rides much smoother! The only item we noticed is a slight reduction in zip in the first gear, say 10% or so, but what a difference! It was well worth it!

Milwaukee Smart car technition Eric had mentioned the difference and that other owners had made the change.... ran into another owner "Jim" whom recently did this too, all very positive...Thanks for the suggestion!

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Comment by james g on July 17, 2010 at 1:07pm
i did a whole wheel/tire swap to 15x6 wheels and 195/50-15 tires all around 2 months ago, makes all the difference in the world, better ride and handling, minus side, it's takes more gas to get going, fuel economy is about the same once at speed.

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