Little and broken, but still good....

If any of you have ever seen Disney's "Lilo & Stitch" you may recognize the title of my post.

The same phrase applied to my wife's 2009 Passion when my son was learning to drive back in April.

I bought my 2008 and the wife loved it so we bought her a 2009 a year later. She was teaching my son to drive her car and lets just say there should have been more country drives before driving in the city....

Bam, right into the back of a parked Jeep Liberty! Airbags, seatbelts, and the Tridion all worked very very well. Teenager had a minor scratch from his glasses being smooshed by the airbag. The wife had a microfracture of the sternum, tailbone, and a sprained wrist. "Little and broken, but still good" Thank you, smart Engineering!

So off to smartcentermilwaukee to get things examined.....but not before we took her plush "Stitch" figure out of her car and put it into my car!

Silly insurance adjusters had apparently never seen one damaged and estimated low (of course). So Eric and Kyle order a whole lot of parts and the waiting game begins... Then more parts...then more waiting....

Some parts were delayed due to the volcano in Iceland, then more delays due to the oil in the Gulf. During this whole ordeal i must say that Eric, Kyle, Tony, and Ryan were all very understanding and supportive. Guys, you rock!

We got the car back and all was well. Almost. The body shop hadn't quite got the front end moved back where it belonged so the hood was up a smidge. They got the latest fortwo specs for their body machine and now things line up nicely!

So the car is still "little", but no longer "broken" and it is very very "good" to have our 2nd smart back in the driveway!

My son is learning to drive again (doing quite well actually) and the wife is 90% healed up. "Little", no longer "broken", and very very "good" to have them in one piece!

The wife is happy to have "Stitch" back on her dash and her CDs back in her radio (thanks again, Eric and Kyle)


Shaun (aka "robin850"....i will explain that name some other time)

This was just another fine example of the great service I have received from the Milwaukee smart Center. I have more stories, but I will leave that for another time as well.

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