Missing my "Smart" girl Mathilda (Cabrio Four2)

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Almost three weeks ago someone tried to steal my Smartcar, a black Cabrio. I drive her every where and often times have those days where driving a car the size of a ping pong ball gets to me. In her place I have had a horrible rental car as big as a house and have never missed my car more. I had asked the agency to give me the most fuel efficient car that they had. I got a Chevy Impala, LT so it has even more crap that I do not need and gets 17MPG (are you kidding me). I work at a zoo, recycle, compost my trash for goodness sake. Driving this thing is not only bad for the environment and my pocket book; it is also down right horrible. Gross interior, not a convertible, yuck.

I will have to admit sometimes being a spokesman every day of your life, every where you go can get taxing. I try to make sure I answer every questions I am asked about the car and try to convert the big SUV drivers. I moved here from Germany where I had driven a Smart car for years. This American cousin is faster and quicker, she drives like a dream and I MISS IT.

I know everyone Smart Owner has that day when you are one stupid questions about your car away from a nervous breakdown, but realize what you'll miss when they are gone. I hopefully will get my "Mathilda" back next week and am counting the days. The staff at the Nashville Smart Dealership has been with her as her "primary care dr" since they opened and are GREAT. For every person who wanders over from the Chevy dealer next door like me they try to convert Nashvillians into the new milliem and away from the gas guzzler. I wish them luck, and GIVE ME BACK MY GIRL. Knoxville where I purchased my newborn is just as awesome by the way.

For those robbers who ripped my girls interior and tried to steal her: SLEEP WITH ONE EYE OPEN, I AM OUT THERE AND WELL ARMED.

Smart drivers unit in your glory, we are ahead of the pack. Dr Angela "Max" Maxwell

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Comment by Jan in West U on May 23, 2010 at 4:18pm
I ordered an alarm with my car. Did you? If not, get one when you get "Mathilda" back. You will sleep much better! Wishing you a quick delivery of your baby girl! Hugs!

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