Now that spring has sprung, car windows will be open and convertible tops dropped, it is once again the busy season for questions about our smarts.

With that thought in mind I thought I'd share a handout that I give to folks who ask questions about my smart. If you are on this site you probably own one and I'm sure you have experienced the myriad of questions as well. Instead of simply answering a couple of questions and moving on I thought it would be more fun (and informative) to hand out a fact sheet. Yes, I'm aware smart will give us info to hand out- I staple it to the back of mine. However, my fact sheet is a bit different. It's less corporate, more personal and always brings a smile to the person I hand it to. All the questions are ones that I was asked before creating the sheet. Now don't misunderstand, I love talking about my smart, unfortunately there is never enough time to chat at a red light or when your in a hurry to get somewhere.

If you want to create one for yourself I used a 10pt. comic sans font and can fit two on a standard 8.5x11 sheet of paper. Cut in half you can get two handouts per page. If it doesn't show in the post the (red light) is a red, the links are blue and each question has a bullet point.

I hope you find it as useful and fun as I do. Happy Motoring!

Mark’s (red light) FAQ’s

  • What kind of a car is that? smart fortwo. Born in Hambach, France. Parts from Japan, Germany, etc…
  • Do you like it? Would you buy another one? You betcha. In a heartbeat.
  • Does it run on electricity? Nope, 8.7 gallons of premium petrol. An all electric model debuts in late 2010.
  • What is the MPG? 33 city, 41 hwy. After 10,000 miles I’m averaging 40.34. Some get even better MPG
  • What size engine is it? 3-cylinder (who needs 4!), 1-liter, 70hp, 5-speed automatic/manual shift transmission
  • What does it weigh? About 1,852 lbs. plus me…we won’t go into the me part.
  • What are the dimensions? 8.8’ long, 5.1’ tall, 5.1’ wide-Two can fit in a standard parking space!
  • Turning radius? Pretty much zero. You and I can pick it and turn it around…ok, ok, only 28.7’
  • How much do they cost? 3 models- 2010 Base prices are: pure coupe ($11,990), passion coupe ($13,990), mine, the Cabriolet $16,990. There is also a sporty model called the brabus with an upgraded suspension and other goodies.
  • Do you drive it on a highway? Top speed is 90 MPH. Not planning on getting a ticket today though.
  • Aren't you scared on the highway? Nope, we all die someday. Seriously though, it has a great safety rating.
  • Is it good in the snow? I only have issues with high windrows…and other (bad) drivers
  • How does it ride? Cross a dune buggy & roller skate.
  • Where’s the rest of the car? Check the rear of the nearest hummer, they bolted it there & it’s bringing down the MPG
  • How do you fit in that thing? I’ve had 6.5 footers in the car and they are shocked by the roominess.
  • Can you go shopping in this? Yup, it fits 6-8 food bags. I haven’t loaded a sheet of drywall yet. I’ll let you know.
  • Manufacturer? smart-it’s a little cousin to Mercedes-Benz. Fooled ya huh? Swatch, Mercedes, ART (yes the watch)
  • Colors available? Six. However the body panels/color can be bought ($1,200) & replaced in about 3-5 hours.
  • Recyclable? 95% of the car is recyclable at the end of its life-cycle. It’s produced in an environmentally safe manner and as you can imagine, has very good environmental performance scores.
  • Are all smarts named? Many are. smart owners are a bit nutty! Mine is named Professor.
  • Where can I learn more? or . Our local Chicago group is at . We meet monthly for lunch.
  • Who sells them in Chicago? (Loeber Motors) & and For the best deal ask for Billy Cooper at Loeber and tell him Mark sent you.

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Comment by Itasca Mark on April 20, 2010 at 8:00pm
Forest: It's there in the middle of the list. I'm certainly open to new Q's though.
Comment by Richard Baker on April 19, 2010 at 10:12pm
Great. I think we owners can sell these cars better than the people who work for Smart

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