Ok, I may be late to the party in upgrading my speakers. I bought a pair of Polk Audio speakers last year and have been procrastinating in putting them. I'm been intimidated by taking the mirrors and panels off and then getting the speakers placed in correctly.

Well I did it today. The videos helped quite a bit in getting the mirrors and panels off. Found that you pull the handles off first before pushing the plug center out and pulling the plug out. Also found that when placing the mirror trim back on, make sure that the top is slipped over the existing plastic moulding first. I missed it the first time.

The biggest issue was getting the new speakers in. The mounting holes did not match and I needed an adjustment ring to extend the mounting holes to the existing speaker mounting holes. Grrrrr, no adjustment ring anywhere in town and I did not want to remove the existing grills (drilling them out, trimming the tabs off, etc.). Soooo, I used a dremal tool to create an adjustment ring out of the old speakers. I was going to re-use the old speaker wiring connector so I also cut away the old speaker ribs and removed the cone to make my own adjustment ring. I solder the old wiring connector onto the new speakers and used the adjustment ring to mount it back onto the panels.

It all worked great and the sound is so much better. I had seen that the people were upgrading the radio but I just wanted to upgrade the speaker as 1) it's way cheaper and 2) it makes the existing radio sound so much better.

Ah, now on to my next project (and iPad application) before my wife starts me back on her hunny-do list.

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Comment by Toolman on January 11, 2011 at 4:29pm
Yup, been there done that - a door speaker upgrade makes a night and day difference, doesn't it?? I'm going to keep my head unit stock, so as to keep it boring looking for thieves - we have problems with breakins, in my work parking lot. I'm still going to mount a sub under the dash at some point, after I build a box to fit up there.

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