No more Groups, Photos, but it got fixed quick! Faith Restored!

It's official. The people at smartUSA and the 'Adminstration' of susai have absolutely no clue as to what a social website is for and no concept of the value of member content, true human communication with members (11,063 of them) and why we joined this site. Every time they say were going to improve the site they remove or break features or needlessly fix things that are not broken. The value of this site for me is almost zero. WE HAVE ALL SPENT COUNTLESS HOURS TO CREATE AND ADD CONTENT TO THIS SITE FOR THE MEMBERS. SMARTUSA BENEFITS FROM OUR WORK WITH NO COST. I now have no reason to add content, start a club, group, or anything as now I know that it will always be subject to deletion, without warning for no good reason.

Delete Groups? Delete Photos? Make us repost photos to one BLOG? No reference to blogs or latest activity on susai pages? Is this the improvement Jill Lajdziak wants?

Might as well remove 'My Pages'(mine has 94 items) and Friending (I have 47).

No Groups (I created 2 and admin'd 1 with over 100 members), don't need Events you can delete it.

Polls don't work, delete it.

Hardly anyone knows about Chat or uses it, delete it.

Twitter is a waste of space on susai, delete it.

Nobody uses Invite, delete it.

Choose Blogs (1,228 of them) or Forums in six categories(2064), delete one or both.

Or SmartUSA can save some money and bandwidth just close your NING account.


ps. Thanks to Don Taylor here's two links to get at the missing Groups and Photos:

Maybe all this will get fixed.

UPDATE 3/20/2010

Good news I spoke with a person on the phone at smart, and the 'changes' were not supposed to happen. Look for the fix Monday. Lets cross our fingers!

Update 3/21/2010

Main function links and features restored! Kudos to smartUSA for responing quickly.


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Comment by jwight on March 21, 2010 at 1:20pm
If you look now all the top links are back:

* main
* invite
* my page
* members
* blogs
* events
* forum
* videos
* polls
* chat
* groups
* photos

Takes some time to make changes; the only alternative would have been to take the site offline and I'm sure that would have caused even more complaints.
Comment by spicejax on March 20, 2010 at 1:01pm
Good point Forest. I for one did, put too much faith in susai. Normally web developers build the site OFFline, to test, debug etc then do the change.

Comment by Fred on March 20, 2010 at 11:43am
Looks like SCoA is our only alternative. What a shame that smartUSA doesn't truly understand their customers.
Comment by spicejax on March 20, 2010 at 12:39am
Don, thanks for the link. I couldn't find any reference to the Groups on any susai pages.

I tried this: and got to the photos. I can't believe the susai administration is this incompetent,

Thanks for your help. This shows the power and benefit of have real human members in the social web.


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