RedOregon's Report on MB of San Antonio

I asked redoregon for permission to repost his 'review' of MB of San Antonio here and so here it is for you to enjoy.


"Just got back from my 20,000 mile maintenance.

Called at about 9 this morning, got an 11:30 appointment. Arrived at 11:15; guy outside was at the door before I got it open, then ran inside to get my paperwork when I told him I had an appointment. Got the rest of my info (address, etc), then brought me into the service area.

Introduced me to the service writer... then took me over to the MB Cafe (inside the sales area) and introduced me to the girl running *that*. She proceeded to offer me coffee/coke/smoothie/cookies/breakfast pastries... very impressive first experience.

Got a coffee and a cookie and sat down to watch one of the three screens they had active... one on news (with sound), one on a movie (closed captioned), and one with a camera overlooking the service bay. Off to the side was a console with multiple computer games, and another TV about three feet off the floor playing disney. Also free wireless internet, of course.

Every staff member walking by would give a friendly greeting, and not give a damn that I was there for smart service or to buy an incredibly overpriced MB SUV... they were just cool and relaxed. Really impressive staff.

Got bored after a while, so drifted down to check differences between my 2009 and the 2011s. Salesman came over and we started chatting... without being pushy, he let me know about the 1.9% interest deal and said he could get me a pretty good trade-in if I was interested. Nice looking red/black 2011 that I was looking over.

Drifted around the showroom a bit more, said hi to a couple of (again, non-pushy) salesmen, then went back over to service to avoid a coupla loudmouthed kids who had taken over the game area. More friendly hi's over there, and a different TV channel.

Came back over to the sales area... red/black smart gone. Salesman says, "you waited too long"... yup, they sold it. Looked outside and noticed another car, a white/black one I had noticed earlier... gone. Methinks MB of SA is doing just fine in the sales department...

Drifted back over to service... service guy saw me, eyes got wide, and he said he'd go out and check on my car. While waiting, another couple came in... to pick up their keys and manuals for the smart they just bought.

Total cost for my 20k service: a hair over $300. Car came back gleaming, with shiny tires. Total time: almost 5 hours, with a sincere apology and a ticket for half off my next service. They've only had smart for a month, and only have one guy trained... right now. More in training!

Overall impression: slow but very good."

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Thanks Red


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Comment by Teresa on December 30, 2011 at 11:34am

I had the same experience with the Portland Oregon MB.  Slow and they didn't have my warranty papers, since they had just changed over from the SmartCenter of Oregon.  Otherwise, I was very happy with their attitude and treatment.  I am taking it into the Medford MB dealership today, because it is closer to home.  They treated me really well several months ago when a tire came flying out of nowhere and hit my rear tire, bending all sorts of things underneath.  Medford MB worked hard to get it back to me as fast as possible.  The only holdup was getting the parts.  I was impressed that they didn't treat me as a second class citizen because I didn't own an expensive Mercedes.  I heard they have changed hands, so hopefully their service is still just as good.

Comment by Jan in West U on August 1, 2011 at 11:46am

Great report Mike! Thanks for sharing it! 


My experience with both smartCenters in Surgar Land and North Houston have been almost as great. They, too, are connected to M-B.


The long wait, even with an appointment, and the BIG $ CHARGE is my #1 complaint. When I test drove a smart on their USA tour in 2007, we were promised much lower service prices on our smart.

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