I decided to take my smart car to Mississippi last week. It was going to be an almost 600 mile trip one way. My sweet Salma was only a week old at the time and I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I sure did look forward to it. The first challenge was figuring out what we were going to be able to bring for one week. So, after making sure that the two golf bags were in the car, the carryon luggage filled to the top with clothes and two laptops, the two camera bags and the cowboy boots and hats had to all fit around them. Everything fit perfectly in the car.

I had no idea the smart car was going to bring about as many looks (actually more) as my Ferrari Testarossa did when i lived in Italy. All along the highway people were waving to us, pointing, smiling, some laughing, but everyone seemed to like the car. When we stopped everyone had questions about the car. I felt like a smart car spokesperson. I let people sit in it to satisfy their "size" curiosity. They were totally amazed.

I enjoyed getting to Mississippi on slightly more than a tank and a half of gas going 70-75MPH. I guess I could have slowed down and save gas, but it was more fun watching people's face when they got their doors blown off by a smart car.

Anyway, it was a blast driving the car! I loved the look on the people's faces when we pulled up to the golf course and pulled sets of clubs out. Of course, they couldn't resist telling us that we should just drive the car around the golf course instead of renting a cart. To which I happily responded, "If you don't have a problem with it I sure would do it." Of course, I was not allowed.

Needless to say, I am extremely happy to have bought my smartie. I drive it with pride and those that laugh...well, I laugh back as I pass them at the gas station.

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