smart’s launching its “Owner Stories” Campaign, and as an Insider, you get a first look.  For part of the promotion, we asked our drivers for their safety stories, and we picked a few to highlight on our website. Check them out below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments:

Couch Potato:

I was cruising along a two-lane highway in my 2011 smart passion coupe. The pick-up truck in front of me was hauling a large couch in its trailer, so naturally, I kept a safe distance. Suddenly, the truck hit a bump and the couch flew out of the back.

I had three options: swerve into oncoming traffic, plow into the snow bank to my right, or hit the brakes and face the couch.

The couch it was. The impact was immense, and it sent my car towards a ditch. But I was able to stop safely on the side of the road. I looked myself over and was relieved to see I was unharmed. And to my surprise, my smart was hardly damaged. In the days that followed, I learned why.

The smart’s shorter front-end helped push the couch away from my car, rather than up in the air, which would have aimed it towards my windshield and caused more serious damage. I’ve told many people this story, and they’re always surprised at how my little smart stood up to such a big impact. But I’ve always felt safe in my smart, and I’m so thankful I was driving it that day.

Mark D. – Maryland

The Trade-Up:

It was a beautiful summer evening outside Chicago, and I was on my way home from work. Traffic was moving quickly as I approached the Naper Boulevard interchange, like I had done time and time before. But this time was different. I remember a black shadow moving across my rear window – not an unusual occurrence with the road’s multiple lanes. Then, things went a little foggy.

I don’t recall the initial impact. But I remember gripping tight on the steering wheel and coming to a stop next to the highway’s sound wall.

A few kind strangers waited for the ambulance with me, but I was quickly discharged from the hospital with minor cuts and bruises. It was clear that the other driver, who was merging carelessly, had sideswiped my passenger side. He never looked over to check the lane he was entering. And the smart’s safety features, including its multiple airbags, helped protect me from any serious harm.

My insurance covered a trade-up to a replacement car. And after how it performed in my accident, there was no doubt I was getting another smart. I even upgraded to a cabriolet!

Since the accident, I’ve had several people ask me, “How could you drive something so unsafe?” My response is always, without hesitation, “This is my second smart. And I truly feel the first one saved my life.”

Bob L. – Illinois

It’s not too late to share your experience! Share your safety stories on our Forum Thread ( and we may pick yours to be featured on our website.

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Comment by sUSAi Admin on March 27, 2013 at 1:08pm

Hey, jwight. Great point. Instagram and Twitter are not the only ways to submit images and experiences. Drivers can also share their stories and photos via email and of course, Insider (like the forum referenced above). There's several options, but we're excited to announce that the site will pull live tweets and Instagram content so we wanted to give that a special call-out.

Comment by jwight on March 27, 2013 at 12:50pm

Just a thought - not all smart owners (by a long shot) will be using Twitter or Instagram (or Facebook, etc.) so you may want to include more "traditional" input methods....

Comment by sUSAi Admin on March 27, 2013 at 10:17am

Hey MJB,Yes, we're adding a section to dedicated to owner stories as a whole, not just safety. It'll cover customization and fun driving as well. Owners can submit their photos through Instagram and even send us Tweets to feature with the hashtag #smartstories. We'll be launching it very soon and once it goes live we'll let all our Insiders know.

Comment by spicejax on March 26, 2013 at 8:09pm

Does this mean y'all are creating a new site similar to the site with photos and stories (testimonials) attached? I think the old penske site was set up to let owners add their stories and photos on their own (sorta like sUSAi). Will the 'new' site be a part of

Luck for me I have no story to add. I hope that I wont have one as well. It is reassuring to know many fellow owners have been protected by their smart.


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