The ED3 and Me - Additional Instruments: Charge Level and Power Level Gauge (code V31)

The smart electric drive offers additional instruments or “dashboard pods” just like the gasoline smart fortwo. The difference is the electric drive instruments monitor Power and State of Charge or SOC.  Let’s break it down:

The charge level gauge or State of Charge (SOC) : Displays charge status of the high-voltage battery as a percentage.  When the High-voltage Battery is at reserve, a reserve level message appears in the instrument cluster while the drive system is in operation. It’s at that time you should plan to charge the car.

Power gauge:  Think of this like the RPM’s with a gasoline smart or any car for that matter (or for old timers, a vaccum performance gauge ).  There are two sections in this gauge. The section from 0 – 100 tells you have much power or juice is being delivered to the electric motor. The charge section shows you when the regenerative braking is working. Whether you are simply lifting your foot off of the brake or braking, this will tell you how much energy is being captured and charging the battery.


Power Gauge

State of Charge Gauge

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Comment by spicejax on December 31, 2012 at 8:07pm

Another informative blog post. Thanks.


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