I've owned a smart car for approximately two years. This last month has been totally disastrous. I've spent a total of $2,000.00 in repairs in the last 3 weeks and my car is still not working. The first time I got it back,it worked for a week and had to be towed to the shop. They kept it several days for repairs and it was picked up on Friday only to break down on Saturday the next day.

Wecalled the Smartcar Towing, to have the car towed to the Mercedes-Benz dealership in Georgetown. Monday I called ther Mecedes-Benz dealership in Georgetown, they had no idea where my car was. I called the Smartcar Towing and they had no recollection of where the car was or any records that it had been towed(not a good look) FortunateIy,we  were able to contact the tow driver and he told me that, they were closed when he got there(we were under the assumption someone was going to be there to receive the car, after he drove 42 miles to get there) so he took it and stored it at his shop over the weekend and that he was just dropping it off at the dealership Monday morning as i was speaking to him.

I would think they would keep better records of who is picking up cars for them and where the car arrives! I'm just very disappointed with my Smart Car. its been costly time and financially. I live quite aways from their service facility. We used to have a service facility in Round Rock,Texas but no one notified us that it was closed and had to travel all the way to Georgetown for services and repairs.

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Comment by Tim Fitzlaff on November 11, 2011 at 1:24pm

What exactly was going wrong with the car?  How many miles on it?   I too am not thrilled about relying on MB dealers, in my area they aren't really concerned about me, plus after paying $53 for a air filter I won't call them for parts either. (I found air filters on line for $11 at rock auto parts) With that said, We own 2 passion coupes, my wife's has 23,000 mi & mine has 13,500, I have experienced no problems at all & my wife is VERY hard on vehicles. I'm happy with mine & recommend them, but I haven't had a major repair yet. Your issue could be with inept mechanics?   

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