We're on the road again... Interstate Travel, Speed, and Gas

Last week, as according to my photography duties as the Senior Editor of the yearbook, I was sent on a mission up to Cedar Rapids to shoot the Cross Country Supermeet. This meant not only the longest trip I had ever taken by myself, but also the longest trip my Smart had taken since being in Iowa. Having never driven myself more than 20 miles from my home, winding up and down the wilds of 218 seemed a daunting task, and even more so to my yearbook advisor.

"You're going to be ok with taking that thing out on the interstate, right?"

Of course I would be.

Having left early from school, I made very good time getting to Cedar Rapids. According to my estimates (and having gotten 40/50 mpg city) I had guessed that it would take me at least a gallon and a half to two gallons to get there and back. Flying along at 70-80 mph, I was probably burning more than that. At the time however, I didn't think about that. I listened to some Dr.Who, some of my dad's old highschool band, and generally had a good drive, despite fighting wind, and very unsteady semi trucks.

Having shot the XC meet, I jumped back in my car for a fairly clear ride home. I had missed rush hour, and got on to the interstate when I looked at my gas register. When I started off, I was down to maybe 3 3/4 gallons. I hadn't even gone through the 3/4 gallon yet despite my estimates. Happy, and ready to make my way home, I sped off down the interstate, passing semis, and single person SUVs, and many suburbans.

One truly does not know the pleasure of passing a semi, until you do it in a Smart. What fun!

I made it home without incident, and had gotten into my 3rd gallon, but not by much. Doing quick calculations, that equals maybe 60-70 highway? Not bad for my little Alice.

I should be getting my acceptance letter any day now, so we'll see if she has to make it to Pennsylvania.

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Comment by David Christensen on October 17, 2011 at 11:48pm
Would serve you well to take a defensive driving course as well as an accedent avoidence driving course. I know for me it has served me well no matter what I drive but even more so with the Smart. I wouldnt trade it for anything less than a porche at this point. Ask you local race track or your local DMV on taking the courses. PS you will get a discount on insurance for the defensive driving course.

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