I thought I'd do a constructive blog about what all us members want from susai and what features you like about the site. After the shock up the 'glitch' on the weekend, I am proud of the quick repair that happened. I also hope the the relationship with the members and smartUSA can be of a more of a ongoing two way dialogue.

So let's start here. let's all show smartUSA what we like about susai and how we can recommend folks to make susai 'home base'.

What I like:

Having my own MY PAGE and being able to customize it.

Being able to add videos, photos, blogs, and short form Q and A forum topics.

Being able to add Groups for like minded smart owners with other interests.

The quick and easy learning curve to use the site, (the NING format is great)

The easiness of friending other susai members. Easy to read fonts.

The internal private messaging system, (and the fact that a email copy is sent)

The ability easily create events and send messages to our groups.

RSS feeds, this feature makes keeping up with the activity a breeze.

Ability to use html on comments etc. Ability to edit, and delete my comments.

Ability to customize most of my settings, and moderation of my content.

No non smart advertising.

There are many more features I like and will list them when they come to mind.

I'm passionate about my smart car and susai. I want to see it thrive and be here as long as I own spice, which I plan to keep as long as I'm alive, I would love to get a ED smart as well.

Two improvements to make susai near perfect: Have member mods to kill spam fast and have a closer connection with susai admins and smartUSA for feedback in real time.


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Comment by spicejax on March 23, 2010 at 6:15pm
Thanks. Johnny I really appreciate your support. If the admins keep us members in the loop things can get better. We already have seen the fastest response ever after the glitch on Friday. And our comments on restoring the latest activity feed on the pages got quick action. I have even received a reply from the susai admin in my susai inbox and now a dialogue has begun.

Believe it or not the social networking web is still very young and It is going to take time for businesses to learn how to use it. I think smartUSA is now trying to learn how to get value from susai. Lots of the members have added content, but we do it for each others enjoyment and camaraderie, we are enthusiastic about the smart and susai is the place to show it.

I have a hard time understanding if susai will be able to help sell more smarts, other than showing the public all the cool things that you can do with a smart. It could be that the owners will reap more rewards from the site than smartUSA, that is if you can put a dollar value on happiness. (it would be interesting to put a kind of currency happiness=deposits spam & bugs=withdrawals)

So we have a start on one of those improvements from my blog.


ps here's my other side
Comment by JohnnyM on March 23, 2010 at 4:50pm
spicejax, I wish I could think half as positvely as you. You have my deep respect.
Comment by spicejax on March 22, 2010 at 9:56am
I'm hoping that susai will look to us for input BEFORE changing for the sake of change.

Comment by Daniel on March 22, 2010 at 9:32am
I don't like:
On the front page - Event section, why did they add a month-calendar ? just show the events on the prime space and maybe do a pop-out calendar if needed at all. It really looks as if the designer ran out of ideas and thought to add useless stuff.

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