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Hello, fellow susaians. Long time no Blog (I'm not counting the post on September 13th). Anyway, I went over to the new place for smartUSA's corporate voices to see what it's about. There's 5 News items and 4 Blog posts from Jill and Kim plus comments from several of us. I put in my 2 cents as well and you can see it here and click the link below to browse the other comments yourself.

'SmartUSA Soundboard Talk' "is more business in nature". I for one welcome the corporate dictates moving here as opposed to susai (SmartUSA Insider).
As I understand the differences from a 'blog', a 'forum' and a 'social website':

A Forum is a short form give and take from participants.

A Blog is a long form to express a view and to possibly inform the reader on a topic (almost like a 'soapbox speech' the one I'm standing on now is a good example).

A Social Website (web 2.0) is place where members of the 'social group' can freely interact with vast new media content and the above two items can be (as susai has) part of the whole.

This is a blog for the use of smartUSA to get food for thought, not for smart owners to expect and get genuine a dialog as this quote indicates: (in referring to service issues) " we are not able to address 'this' in an open forum".

My point here is: This is a good place to help smartUSA pick smart owners brains for ideas (other than what kind of smart cars we get, think Henry Ford here "any color you want as long as it's black"). We can expect lots of "corp talk" plus a lot "you're listening, but, you're not hearing me", and I rather see that here instead of susai.

smartUSA as a business is trying to 'swim upstream' with a automobile (notice I didn't say 'product' or brand), in a river that has been always been told that bigger is better.
I believe that there is a market for the smart, I think that can be found in the owners who have already bought the car in the USA and globally.

So, business it is. How to sell more smarts? Find out who bought them already and why, then go find more of them. Here's a idea (touched on by Red on the other post) give every smart owner new and old, five (more if you like) "purchase incentive cards" (with a discount on the car) that they can give to a qualified prospects that the owner feels really wants a smart. Kind of a family discount.

Create a position at smartUSA for a active full time liaison with a core group of susai members/club leaders, have dealers get involved with and help support the susai group/clubs. (btw, facebook aint cuttin' it)

susai is your best chance to connect with and mobilize base you have right now, but you are not really involved with it yet. It needs to be vibrant and exciting not boring and yellow.
I will keep my smart fortwo until 'the wheels fall off' and toot the horn, will you?

There you have it another l o n g winded blog from yours truly,


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Comment by spicejax on September 23, 2010 at 1:31am
You're welcome!

Comment by Jan in West U on September 21, 2010 at 5:12pm

Thanks for a very informative post.

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