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At 12:39pm on October 7, 2012, Cynthia Oakley said…


   I'm a two month old Smart owner, I had hoped to find fellow smart owners to have little get togethers with! I love my little car and don't get out to do a lot. This wood be a good reason. I paint teapots and my art studio is behind my barber shop. If you ever get in the area, please stop in and say hello. My shop is called Sweeney's, If I'm there you'll see my red smart out front. I sculpt dragons too, hence the frame and vanity plate, Khalesi...mother of dragons! mystapring@yahoo.com


At 9:00pm on December 11, 2011, Alan F. Webber Sr. said…

Sorry to here about your computer, the MB dealer said they are doing A & B maintenance.  I think that means oil changes or maybe the services.  Hope this finds you OK.  I'll try to get ahold of you after Christmas & New Year.  Have a happy on both.

At 9:49am on September 12, 2011, Alan F. Webber Sr. said…
teapots how are you?  Havent heard from you in a while. hope all is OK.
At 9:37pm on August 8, 2011, Alan F. Webber Sr. said…
When I called MB today, they said the smart was used and they are still not a smart dealer.  He was quick to point out that didn't mean they might not ne one at a later date.
At 7:50pm on August 7, 2011, Alan F. Webber Sr. said…
Drove by the MB dealer on Speedway today, and guess what I saw!  They had a Blue Cabrolet smart for sale.  Guess they are in the smart sales now.
At 10:19pm on July 20, 2011, Alan F. Webber Sr. said…
Thanks Teapots, I understand.  Once I get back on m,y feet from the downpayment, we'll have to get together some weekend.  A trip to Bizbee would be fun.
At 8:48pm on July 19, 2011, Alan F. Webber Sr. said…
I got it.  Thanks.  Any idea why 2011 has been dead for Tucson activity?
At 8:20pm on July 19, 2011, Alan F. Webber Sr. said…
Teapots: This is Alan...(rawhidekid)  I keep trying to invite you to be friends but it keeps asking for e-mail adress. Mine is(alanfwebber47@msn.com).  Still trying to get someone else from around here to comment.  Seems it has been dead since 2010.
At 11:54am on November 12, 2009, Zippin Pippin said…
Tea fortwo! Oh, I'm just luvvin that! :)
Perfect idea! A smart gathering for high tea!
An idea that could have started in England. They love their smarts and a nice Earl Grey!
Tea and a basket of Crumpets in the boot!
Works for me!
At 5:27pm on May 17, 2009, Jack W. Appleyard said…
Teapots, was seeing you again. Yes I am really enjoying my Smart.
At 3:41pm on January 4, 2009, Jack W. Appleyard said…
Hi Teapots, been have trouble with desktop, am back
on now, I picked up my Smart on the 16 Dec 08, drove
it back to Tucson on I-10, no problems. Tell the big guy
we enjoyed the pictures from the Holiday event in
Chandler.. If you see the solid silver Smart around
town, it will be us.. Thanks again for all the info you'all
provided us on the Smart..
At 11:46am on December 1, 2008, Rita "smartmom" said…
Hi Teapots - count me in for meeting at Brooklyn Pizza on the 6th. Couldn't figure out how to send a message directly to you.
At 9:44pm on October 24, 2008, SusanofPortland said…
Hi Teapots.

That's right, Evergreen museum. I don't think they'll let us IN the goose, but we are going to play "smarts on a ferry"

Look for the video coming soon. ;-)
At 7:48pm on September 28, 2008, Mark Stratton said…
Still driving the silver/black! The new one was configured but the DDE is saying its coming as early as November. I went with the new dark gray color with silver. The wife is making noises that she's liking the smart more and more so we may keep both. I saw you a few weeks back when you were heading north towards Florence on 79. I was on my bike with another friend and did a quick wave but I didn't expect you'd know who I was with a full face helmet on.
At 6:39pm on July 18, 2008, Mark Stratton said…
I'm having difficulty keeping them all straight! It'd be nice if we could just respond to one with a link to all but that would be asking too much!! I'm off to So. Cal next week so stay out of trouble. Oh, I did see you this morning (friday) as you flew through the Oracle/Magee intersection. I was on my bike along with a friend turning west on to Magee about 6:30am.

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