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At 12:52pm on December 8, 2009, heysmartguy said…
Richard, I saw you , what?, last week on 94. It was great to see you enjoying your "Titbit." I would love to talk to you again so stop in some time. I want to hear about your experience and reaction to the car at Burning Man. Any other smarties at Burning Man?
Be well!
At 3:30pm on November 9, 2009, spicejax said…
Richard, Here's a 'smart' size for you. lol

Here's the mod to do it:
< img src="*QQMwofDkSNG4CzPBx4Bbd3kQmTlvvpOXjB4NokQRBshGcxaaDxi8Pk5RUojliM*HEJX/img026.jpg"height="120" width="115" > (You can put any number size you want)

Just fix the code that susai pastes into your comment. (the width="1772" height="1789" part) As you can see even though you checked 300 it did width="1772x1789". It's a susuai bug.
My spiceJax page, Videos, Blogs My Friend Billo's itibiti page
At 7:34pm on November 4, 2009, Kevin L. said…
Tidbit is beautiful! Lil One must be a twin..........
At 12:23pm on September 30, 2009, Richard Kelley4 said…
So when I got my car I tried to get the license plate "TIDBIT" . I got all the way through the process (The plate was available) until the last screen. Because my registration was only a few days old, the system could not verify my information and it kicked me out.

I then filed manually with snail mail. The response was that the plate "TIDBIT" was not available, but I could have "TIDBIT-2"


I figured that I locked up the plate when I got so deep in the order process online, so I called Springfield. I told them my suspicions, and asked " who has the plate "TIDBIT"?"

"We can't give you that information"

"Can you at least tell me if that plate is registered?"

"We can't give you that information"

Screw it !

I ordered "TITBIT" (UK spelling)

("WTF" is an unusable plate)
At 4:38pm on August 31, 2009, spicejax said…
Is Gray Poupon for dogs different than Gray Poupon for humans? lol
At 12:38pm on August 20, 2009, Richard Kelley4 said…
After numerous visits to my dealer.
After untold calls to Smart USA
After an average of 23 inquiries per month into the DDE site,
After untold months of being lost in the dreaded "Your DDE can not be determined at this time" zone.
After one year, five months, and two weeks,

Smart! I haz it!

Picked up "Tidbit" last night
At 12:18pm on August 11, 2009, Richard Kelley4 said…
My car left Baltimore 3 days ago on a transport.
It should be at the dealer's today.
I should be able to pick it up Wed. afternoon.
I will definitely make the September Chicago run.
"Let the good times roll"
At 3:25pm on August 8, 2009, Red said…
Hi Kelly,
I saw your post and I went thru the same thing with the DDE.
Been waiting since June 08 and went on the estimator back in April and it said it was coming in April-June 09! Then went back in a week later and said couldn't determine. I got the same form letter response from Smart saying it had arrived and I should be hearing from my dealer. So, frustrated, I called Smart Usa and the gal told me the reason the DDE is off is due to people ordering, cancelling, etc. and it takes time for the computer to re-calculate and suggested I call the dealership to see what's up. I did and they had no word on mine yet.

Then I got the email about the $500 off if I took an orphan 09 model.

I went down to the lot and found one I liked better, (orig. one was black on black-CA is too hot so changed my mind), and was ready to take it right then, but it was waiting for her new owner to pick her up :(

There are 500 SMARTS down at the port in Long Beach, CA where the cars come into the US. They did a search and found the same car (w/1 or 2 things I hadn't orig. ordered on mine) and I picked it up
yesterday! All that took less than a week--I know I'm in LA and Long Beach is about an hour from here. But the good news is I got a better car than I had orig. ordered AND $599.00 off the car ($500 + my $99 reservation fee). Plus 4.2% financing that Smart has going on until September, 09.

Sorry to go on so long, but maybe you can have them do a search and see if one of the orphans matches what you orig. ordered or may come really close to it. It REALLY is worth the wait!!!
At 1:18pm on July 21, 2009, Kelly O said…
Congratulations Richard! I bet the waiting is even harder now that it’s so near. And going to Burning Man, that’s way cool, I have wanted to go for years but never have made the commitment. A man who keeps his boat next to me at the marina converted an old 50’s bus to and RV and went, he loved it. I’m glad you’re finally getting your car, what a great trip it’s going to be.
I guess I complained too much on the site about the DDE, Dave Schembri left me a message on my insider page to call him to discuss my issue which he says is not acceptable. I think it is good of him to address my issue personally because I know he must have a very busy day. I must say at this point he has restored some of my faith in smart USA; I will be talking to him later today.
Again, congratulations! On the car and Burning Man!
Let me know when you get it and how you like the car.
Have a great trip and tell me about Burning Man when you return.

At 10:31am on July 7, 2009, Kelly O said…
Hi again Richard,
I followed some of you posts and assumed you had a similar situation, and similar dates.
I have not received my 90 day email yet; as a matter of fact I haven’t received anything except the standard form type emails you receive back when you email smart. I find the emails they respond with aggravating, none have any content of value, don’t address your issue, and of course you know 1000 other people received the exact same email that day. I have not phoned smart directly but will do so today, I guess I assumed that I would get a verbal response with the same content as the aggravating emails. Thanks for the response.
By the way, my other car is a GSX-R 750 (Love Harleys too, I grew up with one).
At 1:36pm on July 6, 2009, Kelly O said…
Hi Richard,
I’ve been a reservation holder since April 08 and haven’t had a date in the estimator for over 6 months. At this point I agree with the statement you made “Satisfied Customer? Not so much” Glad to hear that you are at least getting some information. Smart USA’s treatment of its customers is not good.
At 1:25pm on May 3, 2009, Dr. Stephen Clark said…
Thanks, Richard, your comments provide a modicom of relief since now I see that I'm not the ONLY guy treated that way. Please keep informing me how you progress. Dr. Clark
At 10:06am on May 1, 2009, clicker said…
Finally!Get us up to date with the delivery and we'll get the group together and celebrate!You probably had the longest wait in Chicago.
At 2:48am on January 4, 2009, Richard Kelley4 said…
Did my config today...
Order March 5 2008 (1525)
Config 1-3- 09
Car ? August ?

Now thinking "Tidbit" for name
At 2:50pm on December 27, 2008, clicker said…
Any news about your smart?
At 9:30pm on October 14, 2008, Karen Johnstone said…
Hi Richard! remember me? (from months and months ago)...I will be getting mine the last week of this month. It was taken off the boat this last Sunday. Just waiting for it to get to gads
At 10:51pm on September 29, 2008, Renee said…
Hey Richard. I was just browsing thru the messages in
Still Waiting and saw a list you posted. Where did you get the list and can you get any more?
At 1:24pm on July 29, 2008, Karen Johnstone said…
Oh, and my smart's name is Frosty
At 1:23pm on July 29, 2008, Karen Johnstone said…
For your database, my eta window now starts on 8/10/08, and the last 5 of my res # are 01315
At 2:03pm on July 17, 2008, 4-Paws said…
Hi Richard, thanks for the friends invite! I've been on vacation and I'm now getting caught up with things including this site, I've added photos to "My Page". My dealer just informed me that my Smart has been shipped from Europe so my long wait will soon be at an end...Yahooooo!

Best regards,


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