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At 7:13pm on April 9, 2010, John Stump said…
Hi Ron,

I'm going to be running a bit late on Saturday and may make it to Dracut, or catch up with everyone in Ipswich. Looking forward to seeing that new exhaust of yours. Ben makes a great vidiographer.

At 1:27am on March 28, 2010, Mike Rushton said…

Thanks again for the call today. We ended up getting the front panel off but not without some brute force and a couple broken clips. Nothing noticable though. I'd still like to find out how to get these side pieces off properly to get at the last2 screws for the front panel. Either way, we got the horn installed and everything closed up. Only 1 "spare" screw after all was said and done. I'll be revisiting or again in the warmer weather to figure out both the side panels and the missing screw hole.

Hope to see you at the next meetup!

At 10:22pm on March 23, 2010, Gillian said…
Ron, I agree - I would prefer somewhere healthier than the Clambox. I'll see what I can find out. I have a good friend who lives up that way. (Who is a healthy eater, too.) -- Gillian
At 12:20am on January 1, 2010, Melanie Burnett said…
I am not sure if you just left me the message about if i use the smartusa insider website. I just discovered facebook and that is what all my friends are using. so if there were any persons living in my area who used face book. That would be great.
At 5:05pm on December 31, 2009, Gillian said…
Hi Ron - I got your email message to the group too!

At 12:19am on December 31, 2009, Mike Rushton said…
I got your message you sent to the whole group via email. Unfortunately it said no reply and I couldn't find the post on the site at all. I use this site for receiving emails/notices about events but haven't received any since the last one sometime in the late summer that was eventually cancelled. I'd love to attend more events/meetups if people would organize them.

I just got snow tires for my smart :)
At 9:05pm on August 7, 2009, Andrew said…
Hey I will come to your event! I was a maybe but just changed it. I have not been to a smart car event yet so it should be fun! Hope the weather is good! Maybe you should stick with Saturday and have Sunday be a rain date or something. Anyway, thanks for organizing!
At 2:57pm on July 26, 2009, Isabelle said…
I found these pictures online. A family went to tour it and took cool pics. You can check out the gentleman's whole online journal regarding their tour:http: //

Hopefully, he won't sue me for borrowing his cool pics :-)

Maybe next time I go visit my family in France, with my husband, we will be able to head over to Alsace to visit Smartville.
At 3:14pm on July 23, 2009, Joe said…
Thank you Ron for the welcome I am not sure if I'll be able to make the road rally being I will be away on Vacation that week.
At 4:59am on July 13, 2009, Art Iworsley said…
Hi, I was working at the Museum of Science. I work there on Sundays. We are leaving for a trip to WDW for a few weeks Sorry I missed the event. I will make it to the next one. How was the turn out? I know Dave told me he was in the midwest for a few days. My smart black trim is going to be painted today, with a new spoiler and dual exhaust. Good to hear from you. Have a GREAT DAY. Art :)
At 7:53pm on July 8, 2009, Vicky said…
Holloway had this used one, not really selling them. Said they would do reg maintenance, ie oil changes, but real service work they suggested Lynnfield Smart Center. Can't go this weekend to the event, but thinking about the Aug event...sounds like fun :)
At 8:30am on July 8, 2009, Vicky said…
Hi Ron, thank you for the welcome. Bought my orphan at Holloway in Greenland....Herbie must be the Smart I've seen parked just off Central Ave in Dover? I'm very excited to finally own my Smart, dreaming of all the "extras" I want to shower him with. :)
At 7:35am on July 3, 2009, Frank said…
Hi Ron, my garage has a large closet that holds all of my "stuff". But mostly it stays clean because I'm retired and have too much time on my hands....Frank
At 7:55pm on July 2, 2009, Letty said…
Hi Ron,
Can't wait for the trip. We have actually been to Newburyport a few times and it's one of our favorite places on the coast. We will be spending a few days out there and will be staying at B & B's, but thanks anyway. Hope there will be a lot of interest, sounds like fun.
At 5:10pm on June 18, 2009, John Stump said…
Hi Ron,
I had to work Sunday and was in Dover, so I stopped by your store. Looks like a decent turn out considering the weather. Sorry to have missed it.

Did you get the bugs out of your cruise control, I heard you had a conflict with LoJack. I installed mine about 3 weeks ago and am loving it. I have just started to try out the different settings of speed boost feature. It can make the accelorator quite sensitive.

I'll try to catch you next time I'm in Dover

At 3:24pm on May 14, 2009, george&jean said…
Seacoast run on hold
lack of interest
At 3:56pm on May 7, 2009, george&jean said…
Thanx for the quick show of interest
Will follow-up in a couple days after we see how much interest there is
At 9:02pm on April 19, 2009, John Stump said…
Hi Ron,
It was good to finely meet you and your son. Thanks for helping to keep the line together on the ride to Marblehead Light. The last time I was there in January I was following and not seeing all the landmarks.
Regarding the photo, if Doenut were coming at me I'd have to change Piglet's name to Chicken and see who blinks first and Wikkid could pick up the pieces ;-)
At 6:58pm on April 8, 2009, Natty said…
Hi Ron!

My name is natty and I see you're from New Hampshire (one of the states I've been dying to visit) :)

anyways, I've been trying to find more participants from the New England area to take my Smart Car owner survey. This is for a marketing strategy plan that I have to do for one of my classes at Fordham University. It'll only take a few minutes and my group and I would really love to hear from you. :)

Just copy and paste this link onto your browser.

Thanks so much!
At 1:17am on March 29, 2009, runnerSteve said…
Hi Ron,

I've been also eyeing the 'Speedy's for quite some time and end up buying privately from a SCOA member. So far I'm quite satisfied with the wheels. Handles way better on the hwy/freeway. Looks nice too... As for tires I am running 195 40 17 front, and 205 35 17 rear Yoko’s S drives. I did not modify my suspension and noticed no rubbing. I will post more pics soon.

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