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At 11:24pm on December 6, 2009, Eric said…
Hey long time no see. How you been? How does it feel to be nearly a one year owner of the Smart?
At 5:20pm on June 6, 2009, Howdy1LC said…
Hi Sarah,
I just wanted to let you know I finally added Jack's pics to my profile. You will see my baby looks like yours but mine is a passion. I already have 8600 miles in 3 months. Now you know I wanted him. My son figured out Jack is a chick magnet and now he is always asking for rides. (He is 14) LOL
At 6:34pm on March 28, 2009, Nikki said…
Hi Sara, though we reserved on the same day, I am still waiting. I keep hearing disturbing things about the Smart cars transmission, it rides rough, and how it won't keep up the speed. What can you tell me about the ride. I am in Oklahoma and will drive it to work which is 10 miles of interstate 35. Thanks for letting me know.
At 6:28pm on March 3, 2009, Howdy1LC said…
Hi Sara,

Yes, I think is the fact that I have no hills and do 50% of my driving on the highway, but then again I am going at Highway speeds then. I think the manual shifting is what is doing it, when I had it in auto I only averaged 37. I just did my third tank (I drive a lot), and I am still getting 40 to 45mg. Iam very happy so far. I used to fill up on my Blazer every other day. I just filled up after 4 days! I was so excited and the fill up only costed me $16. YES!! I will be posting so pics of Jack later on. His decals are properly placed and his antenna ball is on.
At 2:19pm on February 26, 2009, Howdy1LC said…
So far so good with Jack. I am driving it manual now, it is a lot smoother that way. I prefer to shift with the regular shifter, once in a while I use the paddles. I am getting great mielage so far but I don't know if it is only with the first tank. 48/50 mpg for 50/50 driving. I am enjoying the car betteer now. I think my right brain was freaking out after I picked it up and it really sank in how small it is. I am lovng it! The smile factor is huge but it is scary to have all kinds of people coming out to ask you questions and wanting to ride it. LOL I work at a high school and I am suddenly a Rock Star. LOL
At 11:12pm on February 24, 2009, Howdy1LC said…
Hi Sara,

I just got Jack today! I am so happy. I am getting used to the manual transmission, I am sure within a few days, it will be no problem. I will post pics of Jack as soon as I get all his decorations on. LOL BTW I love your pics.
At 7:01am on December 27, 2008, Craig S. said…
I had read about that electric car on (another great green site that updates daily) and I couldn't agree with you more about the US manufacturers. Considering that Edison & Ford both knew electric was the best solution 100 years ago there's really no excuse for our current situation other than greed on the part of just a few. Well, at least it looks like our country has a good chance to get back on track hopefully w/ in just a couple of years :)
Thanks for the encouragement on the test drive - I'll definitely follow through. I like your idea about the parkway since it feels made for the Smart w/ the top down ;) Yea Raj, I'll be right back....
take care and enjoy the warm weekend.
At 1:06am on December 24, 2008, Craig S. said…
Hi Sara,
Thanks for the reply and please excuse my tardy response. My Uncle passed away last week and I traveled to and got snowed in Buffalo :/ Needless to say I did not see one SmartCar in either of the two blizzards. Anyway, yes you surely will enjoy the EV-1 movie. They are talking about a followup to be called Who Saved the Electric Car :) Raj is my salesman too (I gave him a copy of the movie) and he said there's not much I need to do before the February 16th date they gave me. I feel like I want to test drive a Smart again before then since it's been since last spring that I drove one. I bought my mountain bike at the shop on the corner and blasting around those roads in the Smart reminded me of how much fun I had demoing the bike I bought too. Raj said that I should take the car out on the highway to test it at speed. Since he offered I guess I'll do it. That'll be fun building an earth shelter. Should be an enjoyable never ending learning journey. When I traveled around the country windsurfing my friend and I lived out of a small round travel trailer that we named BioSphere III. Not quite the same but your earth shelter just brought reminded me of that. You are right about the Prius until they make them plug-in. Then the much needed and entirely possible option of commuting to work every day w/o using any fossil fuels will outweigh the battery impact on the planet. Extended range electrics like the Chevy Volt and the Aptera will provide the best all around vehicles for both commuting and trips. Although after seeing the EV-1 movie and reading Internal Combustion I have very very little faith in GM doing the Volt properly. Not that they couldn't...just that they won't. As a matter of fact the only reason that there is an actual production year slated for the Volt is because last year the UAW put it in as one of their demands to come back to work. They could see the writing on the wall a year ago and also know exactly how GM operates and therefore wisely forced the issue. If you want to see our realistic Jetson's future check out Please let me know how your Smart is in the mountains. I was driving through some little winding rolling ones near Gunston trying to imagine how much fun it would be in Mitts (my future Smart).
Take care and have a wonderful couple of holiday weeks!!
At 4:56pm on December 22, 2008, Wendy said…
I lost touch with a friend named Sara Ax. When I knew her, she lived in South Bend, IN, and was a mail carrier and part-time physics instructor at Notre Dame. Are you she? If not, I apologise for bothering you.
At 9:38am on December 19, 2008, Steve Eaves said…
Let me know how scooty goes in the snow when you can.? Once you finalized your last configuration what happened next? did you get an e-mail or a phone call and how long after that did you get your smart?
Thanks Steve
At 9:57am on December 17, 2008, Steve Eaves said…
I like your new ride form 1 boomer to another. Mine will be white with silver stripe. Yours would look good with some cool wheels on it like on Smart madness. Mine is due for late Dec to March?? Whatever that means??Enjoy,
At 10:01pm on December 15, 2008, Craig S. said…
Hi again. As a followup to your profile I have a few media suggestions to nurture your inner hippie and also backup your well founded skepticism of the largest of corporations. I say this not because I am against corporations but because in order to improve we must know what needs fixing first:
A great green web site to check daily-
A great movie showing what happened to all the electric cars that GM, Honda and Toyota made in the late 90's- Who Killed the Electric Car? (Borders books usually has one in stock for $13)
A long but necessarily detailed book on the history of fuel starting in the middle ages, covering the late 1800's when most cars were electric, Edison's & Ford's plans for an electric car infrastructure, how greed and monopoly trusts lead to internal combustion over electric, how GM, Firestone and an oil company were found guilty by the supreme court of systematically buying and replacing large city electric trolleys with diesel buses...and so on to current day- Internal Combustion by Edwin Black. (poor title but great book) Hardback is available at Borders for only $10 :)
Daily 1 hour news program that is truly independent of corporate influence- Democracy Now,, FM radio at 8 am on 89.3, on Freespeech and linkTV channel of DishNetwork and DirectTV.
Any and all of these media sources will make you proud and happy of your choice to buy a SmartCar. I have two more months to wait and I have noticed it's a lot harder to have patience when it's getting close. Please share a driving story or two for us 'still waiting' to help us out ;)
Peace Out, Craig.
At 9:33pm on December 15, 2008, Craig S. said…
Hi Sara and congratulations!! I checked out your page right after posting and recognized Gary's name on the sheet on Scooty to B. That's really a great bunch of people there at Alexandria as you probably already know. Anyway I was most impressed by the pictures of Scooty in the new color!! Looks really sharp and well...yes smart. The red interior must really look good against that dark gray too. Since you haven't posted tonight yet I'll assume you're still circling the beltway over and over. Or perhaps you are winding along the Skyline drive on this nice warm evening which was made for a long drive in a brand new car :)
At 11:14pm on December 14, 2008, Howdy1LC said…
Congratulations on getting Scooty!
Thank you for sharing the pics, I also bought the metallic gray and have been nervous about it, since I have never seen it. It looks great! Mine is due 1/25/09. Needless to say this will be the longest month ever. LOL. Enjoy your ride, I am sure we won't hear from you for a few days since you will be driving. LOL
At 11:51pm on December 12, 2008, Sara Ax said…
Thanks Eric. It's a tough weekend - I just want to get in the car and drive but won't have it til Monday! I will def. make the meets, now that I feel officially part of the group. I can't wait to have all these fun experiences I hear everyone talking about in their cars!
At 11:30pm on December 12, 2008, Eric said…
Woo Hoo!! you got your Smartie and one of the gray ones much less. I know you are lovin life right about now. The Smart is one of the most fun cars ever created period. I had my buddy Mr Blue for over 5 months now, and im still lovin mine especially when he impresses one of my freinds. A friend i had not seen in a while got to ride in the car tonight after a play im in, and he was really impressed with the car. HAPPY MOTORING, and hope you can make the meets.
At 3:58pm on December 12, 2008, Sara Ax said…
2009 Metallic Gray:

At 3:47pm on December 12, 2008, Sara Ax said…
IT'S HERE! Woo hoo! I'm picking it up Monday (got to complete the financing and all) but I couldn't resist taking photos of it on the lot. Scooty's almost home!
At 9:02pm on November 22, 2008, Eric said…
You are getting the new Gray color? Sweet. Can't wait to see the pics of it. I was at the Smart center on friday and saw some 09 models, but none in the new colors as of yet.
At 6:53am on September 21, 2008, Wanda Evans said…
sara ax lulu was an orphan in alexandria, i called and ran up there as fast as possible and rescude her.
just keep calling the dealers and get on the list. they will e-mail you when they have a orphan. good luck. wanda & lulu.

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