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At 10:24am on February 25, 2015, J-Ellen Cruz said…

Hi George !! Need to show Bob your car. His 15 Pure is blk on blk and now we know what Brabus rums would look like on his car. it looks FANTASTIC !!!

At 9:06pm on December 8, 2014, Jondas said…
Thank for the commemts and stopping by my page. Happy Holidays to you and your family
At 7:24am on May 16, 2013, spicejax said…

Saw your Message, I'll call. Hope you're feeling better.


At 3:31am on April 13, 2013, spicejax said…

Thanks for the lead.

At 10:42pm on October 25, 2011, Mark Grandmont said…
George, is that your red Z06? Love it! Always wanted one. Actually, if I could have anything it would be a ZR-1 of course. Love your Brabus too! Very nice!
At 8:47pm on July 6, 2011, spicejax said…

George I have contacted DVI today, re sUSAi and the spam and the other issues on the site. The contact forwarded my email and he and and I will follow up. If you want to help me fight this send me a PM.



At 8:02pm on July 6, 2011, jwight said…

Hi George - what's up with the profanity?  Spammers are a PITA but really....



At 10:23pm on August 23, 2010, Marvin Shavers said…
Yes George, I did enjoy myself even if I was the only SMART car there. They tried to give me the typical razzing that they like to give smart owners. "Hey, you left half of your car at home!" "You want to borrow a couple of cylinders." I just smiled because I knew in there own way, they were very curious about my car. Congratulations on the grandbaby and I will try to make the first Saturday at Krystal's for sure.
At 10:13pm on August 12, 2010, Jamie Cornwell said…
thanks for the compliment, looks like you have a full garage!
At 1:46am on November 1, 2009, spicejax said…
Great meeting you today. How'd it go at Murray's Grill, I wanted to stop by, but time got away from me. I'll in Mandarin for a while let me know what's coming up on your end.

At 4:18am on October 20, 2009, spicejax said…
I sent a message to Robert here's a copy:

Some of us still want to have a October meeting, any reason why we can't? It doesn't have to be special. Maybe just go to a sonic.
See my message to Speedy here:

btw, Did you know if you use your susai inbox you can use it to send private message to you susai friends and sent outgoing emails as well, but only to your susai friends, it also sends a duplicate to the friends susuai pages as well. One other good feature of this is these messages are private and only they are can only be seen in the users suusai inbox. I'll send one to show you. The only drawback is it's a 'text only' no html.

News Flash!--- Anna's email had a cc: on it that has what looks like the whole membership on it. Not very secure, but at least all of us now have each others email address. I will teach her to use Bcc: (Blind Carbon Copy) in the future she won't be sending our info all over the place.

Ok, now I'll email Speedy and Robert and hope for a quick reply on having a October meet. We'll see if this is a Democracy or a Dictatorship. lol

At 3:07am on October 20, 2009, spicejax said…
I found this on some more info on November on Robert's "Jax Club Event Chairman" susai page. Who would think to look there for info?...sigh. Take a look.

At 2:35am on October 20, 2009, spicejax said…
Alright! Even though it's cold outside, the juices are starting to flow!

I agree. We should have a meeting as scheduled, it doesn't have to be a big deal. Heck we can just go to a Sonic, if nothing else.

It seems to me that Speedy might have something else going on and it was just easier to pass. Anyway, I'll move on.

I don't think Speedy is using susai much, so I fear my message to him will go unheard, I've gotten almost no response from my broadcast messages as well. It seems like Anna is the only lifeline at this point.

Here's the latest email from Anna, a copy of Speedy's email to her about November 21st meet, not the last Saturday of the month.

Hey Anna
Planning a trip for Nov 21st on a Sat. meet at 10:30 at 5801 Philips Hwy jacksonville Fla 32216 We will take a tour then go for lunch. check it out and let me know what you think.
Thanks Speedy

Please feel free to add to your website.
END Quote

I think since thanksgiving is on the 26th and the last day of November is the 28th the move makes more sense. I fear that this will repeat in December and every holiday that falls near the last Sat. of the month.

Questions for you:
Do you think the meetings would be better on the 2nd or third Sat?
Do you have any emails or phone # for anybody? Speedy, Robert or any other club members?
If I get no response from Speedy or Robert and I can get Info from Anna, should I suggest to the membership that we have a Oct meet on the 31st?

If all else fails I could just sent to a Broadcast on from the JaxSmart susai page for a place you and I pick. I know that you, Karl, Kim and I will show. Maybe, more will turn up as well. I say, what the hell, why not. lol

I am NOT trying to take over the club, I like you want the club to be more active and regular meets are part of that.

At 2:37am on October 18, 2009, spicejax said…
I stumbled upon, I really mean stumbled, as I would have missed it if I wasn't paying close attention, on a 'event' posting on the second of Robert's susai pages, called 'RobertRoth' (first one is called 'EventChair'). The event posting done on Sept 26th and the event was on the 26th, I don't what time the post was made, but I'll say it was before the 11:00 am meet time. I saw the post that you told me you would make, and asked "Is there going to be any means of letting members know of monthly cruises or meetings? Just curious.".
I'm sure you can tell I'm annoyed over the poor communication the club has. We shouldn't have to beg for info or have to search thru all of susai to find out where and when to meeting is. I realize that this club is very informal, that's ok, but I missed a meeting right next door to me because no one the 'is minding the store'. I don't even know who should be. That's why I created the FB for us. I don't expect everyone to join FB, especially since most members aren't participating much in susai in the first place. I can use other means to contact the membership once someone gets me the loop.

I participate in susai quite a bit as you can tell from these links:
My spiceJax page My Blogs If you can stand them.
So I'm going to volunteer to make sure that everyone knows well ahead of time and can plan to be at the meetups, and I will use all the various tools to get the word out, and whatever means a particular member wants to be contacted I'll do it (short on knocking on doors).

Loretta and I love our smart car and are very glad the we have a club for owners in Jax. We had a blast at our first meet at the secret Brumos Museum in Jax back in August. It's a shame you were out of town and missed it.

We look forward to meeting You, Mari and Brabus 1 at the October meeting. I'm not going to wait until the 29th to find out where and when. (I hope a decision as to the details has been made or at least will be decided on soon) Keep in touch, MJB
At 12:28am on October 17, 2009, spicejax said…
I understand your concern. Unfortunately, all "Social Networking" sites are vulnerable to this kind of thing including susai which is made by All of these sites have links and videos and clicking on them is how they get you to install them. Susai is much more open than facebook, but is probably a lesser target (like the Mac and Linux) since it's has less than 11,000 members. It's a shame that these things ruin our fun. What anti-virus are you using? I use avast!

At 11:32pm on July 21, 2009, Terre Johnson said…
did you paint your calipers? What kind of paint? I love the look! My partner and I are sw florida snow bird wanna be's LOL. we've been investing down in Naples for the last 10 years and would love to get over the hump to get back there for good meanwhile, we have to just visit a bunch!
At 5:52pm on June 27, 2009, Bill said…
Hi George
Was nice getting to meet you and your wife today
let me know win the next car show is here in orange park
or Jax. also let me know if you are going?? It was hot but
fun today until next time take care and good luck with
your new Smart
Bill & Nick
At 1:22pm on March 11, 2009, smart center Latham said…
George My name is jon and I am from smart center Latham give me a call I know where you can find a silver Brabus. 518-785-4197 ext 501

find a

smart center



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