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Comment by james g on September 11, 2010 at 10:39pm
BTW, midas did the install for $75, and i'm pretty sure they never touched the CC heat shield, looks like they went at it through the bottom, they never touched the inside of the car, except to get the solo from the back area, said it took em a bit over an hour, but charged me for an hour (i removed the back bottom panel so they wouldn't have to fiddle with it) i think they replaced the E12 bolts with a standard hex head metric cap screw, i glanced at it for a second, i'll look again tomorrow.

i met paul, owner of BMS at the micro car meet, cool dude, thinks a lot like me (i was a draftsman for ages, and i watched him as he sketched up a design for another smart owner on the spot, i was in CNC machining for a few years too) he's a wizard, if given enough free time, god knows what he'd do to a smart! (compared to what he has already done)
Comment by james g on September 11, 2010 at 10:15pm
DMVSS 108 states front turn signals shall be amber in color, white turn signals are permissible in vehicles made before 1967 :( i hadda look it up, i'm not sure all cops know chapter and verse of light bulbs for vehicles, those 18 SMD bulbs are bright, so i swapped em out for the brake lights. i've seen some 6 SMD ambers online, i like how the stock bulbs are bright enough to illuminate street signs in the afternoon and evening at 200 feet away.

i had a cop behind me yesterday at a long light run my plates, "RONIN 42", i guess he was hoping for a young punk with a record... a 50 yr old with a clean record kinda ruined his day, he tailed me for 2 miles till i left his city limits then made a u-turn back at the first available intersection.
Comment by james g on August 26, 2010 at 8:30pm
i just installed amber turn signal LEDS, 30 second job thanks to the video! LEDs draw less current so the signals flash at double speed, should draw more attention to other drivers! (i already have a center brake light pulser)
Comment by SMART MADNESS - Boris on August 16, 2010 at 11:08am


I never heard of the exhaust issue and all the mishaps you had. Perhaps you can PM me with what happened. It sounds like the shipping got all mixed up if it got shipped back and forth so many times.

We ship out 100's of exhausts to owners all over the country and never have this many problems. This certainly is not normal and I want to personally look in to this to find out what happened. So, please if you can PM me details.

In regards to the install...

We charge $100 total to install this or any other exhaust at our shop, so please keep that in mind and do not overpay. We simply remove the entire rear panel section which exposes the crash beam. We then remove it and once it is removed we have access to all the 3 bolts which makes it much easier for us. Some do it differently, but this is the easiest for us.

In regards to the horn...

Some install it through the front fender by removing the liner. We simply take off the entire front end (easier for us) which exposes the existing horn. Then we simply replace it.

Can we make a video?

We have planned to make a whole series of them, but time is rather limited. We will try to do 1-2 per month and this will be one of them.

Thank you again for your support, but please PM me when you get a chance about the exhaust issue. It got me really concerned.

Comment by james g on August 15, 2010 at 5:21pm
boris, the smarts are little mystery machines, all the obvious stuff scattered all over larger cars are packed neatly and tightly into the tiny smart. i swapped out the engine of a '65 bug in an hour with 2 jack stands and a floor jack, 31 years ago. 2 months ago i tried to change the exhaust on the smart, i couldn't find them 3 little bolts that secure the heat shield that DTH say you have to remove before you play with the exhaust. personally, i don't know why the heat shield has to be touched to do this. i got my solo exhaust from smart madness, i guess a rogue division, it took 2 months to ship, it was mis-shipped, returned to smart madness and warehoused until i e-mailed a month later wondering where it was... the box was shipped twice to my address, returned to SM once where it sat until i inquired about it... hopefully tomorrow midas will install it, a member of the chicago club had good results with a midas install, my smart center wanted $440 to swap out the exhaust in labor, that's outrageous! midas charged my friend $80, my midas said it might be an hour and $75, though they never did a smart exhaust before, they have done smart oil changes, having a dealer in the middle of pothole city (lincolnwood, far away from where real people live)

i hated going there for any service, the route to get there is so convoluted and filled with the worst roads on the planet, thank you mayor daley!

anyways, i like your videos for the lights, very instructive on the tiny mystery beast known as smart. if it's possible to replace the horn without removing body panels, can you make a video of that?
Comment by SMART MADNESS - Boris on August 15, 2010 at 1:10pm
My thoughts exactly Ryan,

We started to make these videos due to the request of our many customers that wanted some assistance on how to do basic mods/installs at home.

Some that are more experienced and have been working on cars for years like Mr. IH8OPEC may not need the assistance, but there are many folks that find these videos a bit helpful and that is who they are designed for. So, far we have got lots of positive feedback from the community and we will continue to make these.

Thank you! :-)
Comment by Ryan on August 15, 2010 at 2:09am
Wow.... someone woke up on the wrong side of the Smart this morning. You do realise that there ARE people out there that may not know exactly how to change certain bulbs, right?

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