Seasparkles Corner Special Event A smart fortwo adventure

mercedes benz orange park smart center of jacksonville & Day Inn Orlando Plus Red Lobster 3 musketeers Premiere Dinner show Pirates Dinner Adventure

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Comment by Donna Garlitz on April 22, 2014 at 9:21pm

yw I am trying to put it behind me and looking for to future adventures 

THanks for asking have a blessed day

THe fun never ends in the world of smart!

Trying to think happy thoughts

Comment by Donna Garlitz on April 22, 2014 at 6:40am

yes I opt not to put anything there because I do not want anything negitive on any of my videos and trust me I was being kind not to do so. So I will never ever return there cause they did not want outside smarts there it was for their owners only. I got the third degree from them. The brand manager is not a nice person. She questioned me after only looking at one smart. Her words (This is for our owners only. How did you find out about it? Who invited you. Etc...) I did not even get to pull out the camera or anything.  I will never return there. At least at the smart center in Jacksonville all smarts are welcome.  When spice finally arrived I did meet one other owner who also had the same issue cause his smart was not gotten from them. I was still upset or I would of taken better notice of his smart. 

But  understand this we still love and care for the other smart owners in Orlando they are still one of us and thus part of the family. 

I will never ever buy a car from them (which I was thinking of in future after spice spoke so highly of them).  

I would not suggest to a person to buy from a company like that who is a snob and only likes smarts who buy from them. My son and I are both still very upset. But I can understand how they feel if my being invited was an error their is way to handle things which is not offensive to others. I am an easy person to get along with and try to be kindly to everyone. But I know where I am not wanted and do not go there. So I have told myself I still have the smart center of Jacksonville which is the second home for my beloved smart. 

But there is still very nice looking and special smarts in the video and a place where all smarts are always welcome and all owners will be treated with kindness and respect and that is the Smart center of Jacksonville. After going there I am ever so greatfull for the smart center of jacksonville. 

No one put it better than my son (I would never buy a smart from there where people are rude like that cause you can never tell in future who would buy a smart there in mb of Orange park they would sell a car to a person who is in shorts and flip flops cause looks does not mean you got money. and can you believe not one person tried to sell us a car. Would not happen at home.) 

I will not continue my views on what happened their am in my heart wanting to put it behind me and only think happy thoughts. Have kept what happened to myself and am telling all who ask about to go to the smart center of Jacksonville to get their car or cars in future their. 

Hope this answered your question. 

No video from that dealership will be shown here ever and I will not suggest to anyone to go there ever.  I will also not tell them not to go if they ask me, but I will tell them how I love my smart and just suggest that they pick their own place to go but will tell them where I got my beloved smart and she is not for sale lol since so many people want to buy her.  lol

There is plenty of smart cars for all!

Comment by George Oller on April 21, 2014 at 6:01pm

Did I miss something?  I thought this video was about the Maitland smart Center debut of the ED.

find a

smart center



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